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Our success at Mobile App Testing

e-testingAt e-testing we pride ourselves on delivering quality mobile app testing. Indeed, according to the World Quality Report, only 31% of firms surveyed currently test mobile applications. At e-testing, we are experts in this arena and currently have a few ongoing projects where we are testing mobile applications. We offer an outsourced professional testing service, run from our test lab in our office that stocks the latest mobile and tablet devices.

Our previous and current projects have demonstrated accomplished work, most recently with Cancer Research UK. Testing is mainly carried out remotely from our test lab based in Borehamwood, but also on clients’ premises when required. Our success is mainly due to:

  • Our consultant teams; that quickly put together a strong series of initial tests in order to identify most defects in the first place
  • Our consultants; who work with the most collaborative attitude enabling them to work clearly as an extension of the project team, constantly giving daily updates to both project teams and developers.
  • Our up-to-date testing equipment; that enables us to focus our investments on the major smartphone and tablet brands.
  • Our ability to quickly attain test coverage, in order to help firms launch their app with confidence

Visit our website to learn more about our mobile app testing services, our test lab page, or our recent mobile app testing case studies.


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