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HELP A POOR CHILD – New Year’s Eve Charity Gala Ball

HAPCBack in December 2013, e-testing proudly took part in a fundraising event for HELP A POOR CHILD (HAPC) – a voluntary charitable organisation that provides assistance to children and families struggling with terrible poverty.

The event, a New Year’s Eve Gala Ball held at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow, was attended by supporters from a range of companies. With the help of household brands including House of Fraser, Walkers, Absolut Vodka and Manchester United, e-testing assisted in raising over £6,000 for HAPC. These funds are set to be used across several key projects which are currently being undertaken by the charity.

One such project is found in Gambia where the charity is taking measures to build a school and provide a proper education for children in the town of Jarra Soma. At this point, almost 100 pupils have already been admitted in a part of the school where construction has been completed.

HAPC was founded in 1980 and aims to help deprived children in different parts of Asia and Africa. Headquartered in the UK, HAPC also hold fundraising branches in the USA and Australia with recipient branches in India, Sri Lanka and Africa. For more information about HAPC, including details on how you can make a difference to a child in need, visit: helpapoorchild.com


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