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App Testing Services Essential as Mobile App Use Surges

Mobile UsageWith the saturation of the mobile phone and tablet market, the mobile app market continues to grow and expand. Successful companies today have set their goals in the mobile app market beyond just user acquisition; instead aiming to connect with clients in new ways across apps and on multiple device platforms.

Designing effective apps is becoming ever more important as app use continues to grow rapidly and consumers increasingly turn to apps for business and personal computing tasks.  In 2013 alone, studies showed mobile app use surged 115 percent among users.   Utilities and productivity apps experienced the most growth, with 149 percent more usage over 2013; however, utilities and social apps also outpaced overall app usage and drove the expansion of the market.

The widespread growth of app use among all sectors speaks to the importance of having a full-featured app that provides a positive user experience across different versions and platforms. While app design is an integral part of achieving a positive user experience, app testing is also essential.

The Importance of App Testing

App testing is an integral part of the software development life cycle.  App developers must design an app that works across multiple platforms and operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Apps also must be optimized for proper viewing on different handsets, in different languages and with different carriers, whilst always keeping an eye on potential regression caused by updates to the operating system or app itself

Without proper testing, users can experience:

  • Apps that crash
  • Apps that hang
  • Apps that stall
  • Apps that fail to display properly
  • Apps with limited functionality, especially on specific platforms

These problems can make customers less likely to use apps and can eventually cause a user to abandon the app altogether. This is bad news for businesses as they lose not only the customer who had the poor app experience, but they also lose the opportunity for word-of-mouth advertising.

In today’s social-media environment, most new users find software solution, service providers and companies based on social media sharing, and a consumer is not going to promote or share a poorly designed app.

Essential App Testing

Many app developers and companies launching apps don’t have the in-house testing services necessary to ensure full functionality. Outside professionals can provide a comprehensive array of testing solutions including:

  • Functional testing: Testing for seamless operation from installation to login and operation of the app.
  • Load and performance testing: Testing to ensure the app performs at optimal levels under all conditions.
  • Usability testing: Testing to ensure a positive experience including user-friendly and intuitive features
  • Compatibility testing: Testing the app across different handsets; operating systems; platforms and browsers.

If you have designed an app or are in the planning stages of app design, reach out to a software testing service for help. Skilled software testing consultants can help both large and small companies and developers to ensure that their app is ready for a successful launch. With mobile app use exploding in popularity and the market expected only to continue its rapid expansion, now is the time to ensure your app is ready for prime time. Contact a consultant at etesting.com today for any questions regarding your mobile app testing.


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