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Companies Undergoing a Major IT Transformation

Old_PCThe global consulting firm Protiviti recently examined IT priorities among companies worldwide. More than 1,100 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT professionals were asked about key issues and capabilities they consider as priorities in the upcoming year.  The results showed that IT leaders are shifting towards a more integrated role in business operations and strategy, rather than just providing support functions. The role of IT leaders and CIOs is broadening as technology moves into every aspect of business operations.

As IT leaders and CIOs focus on new ways that technologies can support their companies, there will be increased demand for the seamless integration of new software programs that are updated regularly and that work flawlessly.  Software testing services can be provided by outside consultancies like e-testing, that focus specifically on the testing process in order to free up developers for other tasks and to ensure that the ever-increasing demands for stable and effective software are met.

IT Transformations Expected in 2014

Nearly 2/3 of CIOs and IT professionals indicated that there is a “major IT transformation” going on in their organisations. The transformation is being driven by the desire to use technology to enhance business performance and deliver added value. Security is also a major concern that is currently driving shifts in IT.

IT professionals are now helping to shape the way that companies adopt and use technology rather than responding to requests made by other departments.  With this shift, the top-five areas that IT professionals indicate present the most pressing challenges include the following:

  • Finding ways to integrate IT risk management and software capabilities with the broader long-term strategy of the business
  • Strengthening cyber security and protecting the company’s data
  • Effectively organising and managing data produced within the organisation through more effective data classification.
  • Improving information governance programs as mobile devices continue to become more widely used and functional, and as Cloud computing becomes more pervasive across corporations.
  • Leveraging social media and online platforms to connect with clients and effectively grow a customer base.  Mobile commerce requires integrated and secure systems, and social media strategies must be carefully developed with appropriate safeguards in place.

IT, in other words, is now going to take a role in virtually all aspects of growing and operating a business.  Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) already rely on effective use of computer software and real-time data to respond to the needs of clients. As more and more tasks become reliant on computer programs for effective completion, the need for specialized software will continue to grow.  Cloud computing also presents new requirements and opportunities for software testing, and app testing services are in demand with the continued expansion of mobile device use.

The need for software testing services will only grow with the need for specialised software and apps. For guidance with your next project, contact an e-testing consultant.


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