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What Does the Future of Software Testing Look Like?

The Future of TestingEvolving technology requires cutting-edge software testing. As a software testing consultancy, e-testing remains on the pulse with the changing nature of the industry and can offer our clients a wide range of software testing services using the latest tools and methods.


Technology has become fundamentally integrated into our lives, resulting in the need for new software and hardware that works differently than ever imagined in the past. Wearable technology has created a need for intuitive software that responds to simple commands from customers, and a fast-paced digital world means that software developers need to continually release new products and updates without compromising quality. This has led to new methods of developing software, including agile software development.

Software testing services have adapted to these changes and will continue to evolve as technology develops still further and makes more things possible. Some of the things to look for in the future of software testing include:

The Impact of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can change the way people access software by using a Software as Service (SaaS) delivery model. When customers access centrally-hosted software over the Internet or when customers make use of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, customers have different demands for delivery and functionality. Developers must adapt to these demands and testing must be prepared to ensure quality through the development of effective testing protocols.

Cloud testing also opens up new doors because cloud infrastructure can now be used to find lower-cost testing solutions for many programs. While traditional testing approaches typically require high costs to stimulate the activity of users from different locations and to test firewalls and load balancers, cloud testing can make stress tests, load tests, performance tests and compatibility tests significantly more affordable. The cloud provides quick availability of necessary testing infrastructure, as well as unlimited storage and a distributed testing environment.

The Growth of SoLoMo

SoLoMo refers to Social Local Mobile. Devices will now be expected to know exactly where you are in the world and to use the location within apps, in order to offer functionality based on location. This places new demands on software testers, who must adopt to testing a multi-dimensional concept.

The rise of localised social media will expand the uses for mobile devices and make users even more reliant on smartphone technology. App testing services must respond to increased demand for quality-control in an ever more expansive market of mobile apps.

The Growth of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

Both ERP and CRM rely on software to serve as the core of the customer-oriented business. Revenue and customer relations can be damaged by defects in a software implementation, but a well-implemented CRM or ERP can have significant advantages to companies.

Testing should include multiple cycles including data quality and conversion, functionality, reporting and integration, regression and user acceptance tests in order to ensure the software works flawlessly. At e-testing, our software testing consultants can instil confidence in your testing process. Contact us today for more information.


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