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Christmas Atop Kilimanjaro

kilimanjaro2The Help a Poor Child charity was founded in 1980 by e-testing’s CEO, Derrick Pereira and e-testing has been proud associates for over 15 years. HAPC’s work supports children who are deprived to an unimaginable degree, those with no education, food, shelter, family and endemic diseases.

Ricky Rodrigues one of HAPC’s ambassadors and former e-testing employee has decided to embark on a huge challenge this Christmas to help support HAPC, by climbing the world’s highest free-standing mountain, Kilimanjaro. He will be trading in the home comforts of Christmas time and embarking on a 6 day trek which will see him summit on Christmas Day. What he is doing is extraordinary and he has already raised £1665.00, three times his original target and with your help this figure can only grow. Any amount large or small will help the children of Jarra Soma and others get the education they deserve and would make a massive difference to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

In May 2012 Help a Poor Child (HAPC) began what was to become their biggest and most rewarding project to date, the building of the first school in Jarra Soma, a village in The Gambia, West Africa. Thanks to the donation of land given to HAPC by a concerned village elder, HAPC were able to build one classroom and have 10 children enrolled by September 2012. Interest in enrolling in the school grew rapidly and the small school soon increased to 30 children.

Due to growing interest by village parents in enrolling their children into the school, construction phase 2 began which consisted of 2 more classrooms and an office. By September 2013 a further 60 children were now enrolled in the school. After phase 3 of construction, just 2 years on from the start of this project there are now 132 children studying at the HAPC Gambia School thanks to your generous support.

HAPC are eager to maintain and continue development of the School but need your support to do this. Right now their main priority is to raise £5,000 per year which is just £40 a year for each child. Sponsoring Ricky in his efforts to help this cause will certainly get HAPC closer to achieving their 2015 goal.

HAPC has also now launched a Pledge Campaign, in the hope they can get some of their supporters to donate just £4 a month and help secure the future of the HAPC Gambia School.

HELP A POOR CHILD – A little help gives a lot of hope.





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