Performance Testing Tools

When carrying out performance testing services for our clients, our performance specialists are happy to use tools already in place, or we can recommend a new tool. Although we are an independent software testing company, we do have meaningful partnerships with leading performance testing solution vendors and can recommend the best one to meet your objectives, architecture, budget and level of risk.

Performance testing tools can be purchased or rented, installed locally, run from our test lab, or from the cloud depending on the nature of the system under test and any security settings that may be in place. We have exceptional technical competency and experience with a range of tools and regularly run performance testing projects using both enterprise level and open-source testing solutions.

Multi-Protocol Tools

  • HP LoadRunner – industry leading tool allowing a wide range of application types to be tested, including all major web environments, mobile, Citrix, ERP and CRM.
  • HP Performance Center – harness the power of LoadRunner over multiple projects globally, sharing resources, analysis and results across teams.

These tools are best used within organisations that are seeking solutions which need to be deployed in a range of different environments/applications, or are seeking to integrate with other HP tools, for instance Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) or Quality Center. LoadRunner and Performance Center are able to simulate a wide range of applications and environments; both web and client server, meaning monetary and training investment can be leveraged across a range of different environments.

e-testing are an HP Silver Partner and can provide advice on the best licensing model for your situation – whether purchase or rental. There are now some very flexible options available, including buying virtual user days, so that you only pay for what you use, when you need it.

Web Focused Tools

  • HP StormRunner Load – SaaS performance testing solution for agile teams working on web projects, making it easy to plan, run and scale web and mobile performance tests.
  • Radview WebLoad – good value web performance testing tool with integrated support for a wide range of web protocols and technologies.

These tools are focused on web / mobile and as such are generally cheaper and easily integrated with cloud based servers for load generation.

Open-Source Tools

  • JMeter – industry leading open-source Java tool, with support for testing both static and dynamic resources – Web Services (SOAP/REST), PHP, Java, ASP.Net, Java Objects, Databases, FTP Servers and more.

Open-source solutions are currently only focused solely on web applications. This type of solution is also easily integrated with cloud based load providers, making realistic and scalable web-based performance tests possible at a low cost. The open-source solutions are generally more difficult to get up and running, but once in place can provide huge ROI, as well as being easily integrated with continuous development agile methodologies.

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