Test Automation Services

Automating repetitive and time consuming software tests, particularly regression tests, can offer huge advantages to today’s software projects, not only by reducing cost and time for test execution, but also by improving the accuracy of tests and enabling them to be run more often. e-testing have extensive test automation knowledge and experience, using a range of test automation tools, both open-source and proprietary from our partnerships with the leading technology vendors.

Our software testing consultants can implement test automation projects for companies of all shapes and size, ensuring a rapid return on investment. We specialise in delivering framework based automation that is data driven, ensuring a modular approach to script development. This results in maintenance and skills transfer to client teams easier and faster.

Our team are fully adaptable to both agile and waterfall software projects, using tools to construct valuable regression packs for system and acceptance test levels, as applications are delivered. We also have great deal of expertise with Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) techniques and associated frameworks to create automated tests for web projects. Please see our Test Automation Tools page for information on the tools we use, or our training pages for automation training courses.

Implementing a Test Automation Tool
We have implemented test automation tools for many clients, enabling a more detailed and rigorous set of tests to be run whenever a system is changed. We can provide test automation tool selection and implementation services, based on our knowledge and experience with different tools, system architectures and industries, from Finance, Retail, Media and Not for Profit. Our approach to test automation involves these key activities:

  • Review of requirements, technical attributes of applications, team, budget
  • Test automation tool recommendation shortlist
  • Proof of concept and selection
  • Implementation and training
  • Quick start test automation of key functionality

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