Test Lab

Our Mobile Device Testing Lab

e-testing’s managed services extend to our test lab in our UK offices in Hertfordshire, where we regularly run remote tests on behalf of our clients.  We can run both automated and manual tests on a range of different hardware, operating systems and browsers, allowing clients to obtain a high degree of confidence in their applications on all target platforms before going live.

We are able to quickly provision the current most popular operating systems on either virtual or actual environments, on clean builds or builds defined by customer requirements, including a choice of browser versions, for compatibility testing.  We also build machines using a client’s corporate build, to test software / security updates before mass rollouts.

Automated tools are used wherever practical, especially when tests are to be repeated.  Depending on the browsers / operating system, it is usually possible to automate a set of tests and run them on different configurations relatively easily.

We have a high speed Internet Connection on a DMZ and are happy to establish secure connections via VPN to secure test environments on our clients’ technology estates.  All our consultants who work on client applications are thoroughly vetted and signed up to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, to ensure information security is maximised.

App Testing on Android & iPhone

We believe there is no substitute for testing on actual devices and so have an investment programme in equipment that ensures all the latest most popular devices are available for testing.  We have a focus on the major smartphones and tablets and have an extensive array of devices available for use on projects, including devices by Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Microsoft and Sony.

We monitor current trends and the most popular devices on the market, so refresh our equipment on a regular basis.  If there is a device we do not have, it is likely we can get it for you, please get in touch.

Our consultants are able to execute an agreed set of tests on devices side by side, noting timings and any rendering issues on websites and performing scripted functional tests, supplemented by exploratory techniques on applications / websites.

Service Delivery

Our consultant rates include device rental as well as test management and are very competitive, all run from our UK office in Borehamwood.

Our minimum booking is just one day, ideal for last minute sanity checks before deployment.  Tests can be run at very short notice, depending on availability.

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