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Mgnifying Glasse-testing can supply skilled test managers to meet both specific short and longer term needs for testing projects both in the UK and abroad. Our consultants have test management expertise in both traditional waterfall and agile environments, in a range of industry sectors and on a diverse array of projects. We are confident that our experience, passion for testing and our established methodology and templates allow us to quickly get to grips with any project, putting controls and best practice in place where needed, in order to ensure the quality of the delivered software is maximised.


Test management tools can bring significant advantages to the test team, by encouraging the adoption of a common process, allowing visibility of the progress of testing at each stage and the management and reporting on software defects during design, development and test phases of a project. Test management tools often allow the documentation of requirements, test plans and test cases, allowing quick analysis and trace back of requirements coverage based on the tests designed / run / passed and failed. The tool acts as a central repository for all testing assets and will typically be used not just by testers, but also developers (defect management) and test / project / programme managers to view in real time the status of testing and the defects associated with a particular version of and application under test.

Often, test management tools interface with test automation tools – particularly regression testing tools but also performance testing tools. For this reason it is often recommended that a testing tool set be sourced from one vendor.

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e-testing works in partnership with the leading vendors of test management software, HP, Oracle, and MicroFocus (Borland). We can provide competitive pricing on these tools, at a discount to the vendor’s list price, using our partner discount. We also offer implementation, training and support services on HP Quality Center/ALM. Please contact us for details or a no obligation quotation.

Details of test management tools we sell and support can be found via the links below. Datasheets are available as well as trial / demonstration versions of the software packages.

HP Quality Center

Available in both a starter and enterprise edition, HP Quality Center software is a scalable, unified platform for managing and automating the delivery of secure, reliable, quality applications. HP Quality Center software enables you to implement a complete quality management infrastructure, establish consistent, repeatable processes and best practices for managing requirements, tests, and business components.

Quality Center – HP Website

Borland Silk Central

Borland SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM) is an open test management solution that reflects the way today’s organizations work. As a scalable, flexible test management engine, it ensures that development teams deliver higher quality software into the hands of their users faster, ensuring greater value in a shorter timeframe.

Silk Central – Borland Site
Silk Central – Youtube

Other Test Management Tools:
Test Rail


As well as providing test management resources and targeted consultancy, we can also provide training. We have an in-house developed, certified training course, leading to the ISTQB Certified Tester : Advanced Level (Test Management) certificate. We have a public schedule run at a range of city centre locations around the UK and can run private courses on request. Please see the training page for more details.