Why e-testing?

Why choose e-testing?

As independent software testing specialists, our team of expert consultants have the capability to deliver all of the necessary skills and competencies to suit a wide range of projects, using specific solutions. Our methodology ensures the most accurate results are derived from the very beginning of the project, with no need to wait for the development and growth of an internal testing team.

Statistics from experienced industry experts indicate that independent software testing teams deliver better results and that the client derives a more accurate representation of the quality of their software. Additionally, clearly defined testing methodologies implemented by independent software testing experts will reveal all defects as early as possible, instead of making themselves known at the final stages of product development, or even after product release.

e-testing have partnerships with a range of the major software testing tool vendors, including HP Software, Oracle, SOASTA and Radview. We also leverage open source and Cloud based technologies in order to ensure our clients get the best service, tailored specifically for their needs.

We continuously invest in training our consultants to keep up to date with the latest technological changes, to ensure they have the capability to select the best tools available on the market to provide the highest quality of service and to maintain our company’s reputation of a reliable software testing partner.


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