User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is often a vital part of the software development lifecycle, whether systems are being developed internally or purchased off the shelf, with or without bespoke elements.  Application owners and subject matter experts within organisations are increasingly asked to take on UAT activities, in addition to their usual day jobs.  This approach has advantages, the primary one being that new or changed systems are tested by the people who will actually use them – vital in gaining assurance that key business activities are still supported by the systems under development.

However, this approach does has its disadvantages, in particular that the users carrying out the testing often do not have formal testing experience, or the time to pick it up.  This deficiency is most commonly manifested when considering the planning, coordination and management of the test process itself.  This is where e-testing can help.  As well as being able to deliver training for users and managers on User Acceptance Testing, we can run the complete user acceptance test process on behalf of our clients, supplying the necessary expertise for the duration of the project to ensure testing is performed in a controlled and systematic way, using industry standard practices and the best tools.

e-testing can manage your UAT project by supplying one of our experienced test managers, who will typically carry out the following activities as a part of the initial project kick start:

  • Analysis of the system – changes / requirements and risk levels of major functions, usually via a workshop
  • Assessment of team structure, expertise and time available
  • Investigation of the existing test process, structure and tools to support UAT
  • Production of high level test plan – including scope, schedule and people

Once a plan has been created, our experienced test consultants can work alongside your team to ensure that the detailed preparation work is carried out, based on the agreed scope.

We then execute the tests, in conjunction with the business users, logging problems in real time and providing reports throughout the process, liaising with the developers and other stakeholders.  Once an initial phase of testing has been completed, our team will re-test fixes as they are delivered, usually in an additional formal test phase.

Our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Services:

  • Managed service, to ensure business requirements are fulfilled, allowing businesses to have confidence that testing is being performed to industry standards
  • Defect management, regular project reports and controlled communication with suppliers and developers to ensure all deliverables are achieved.
  • Deployment of User Acceptance Testing specialists, with experience of UAT in a range of verticals for many different clients.

Benefits to You

  • Gain confidence in software before rollout, with temporary expertise, taking the pressure of business users with already hectic schedules.
  • Relieve the pressure on business users, while ensuring a carefully controlled and managed UAT phase.
  • Promote business critical systems to production environments with the confidence that requirements have been delivered and that software fulfils business needs


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