Getting Ready for HTTP/2

by Howard Osborne HTTP/2 is coming. In fact, it’s already here and offers to greatly improve performance for those who seek to take advantage of it. Essentially, HTTP/2 promises to be one of the smoothest jumps forward in technology in recent times. However, there are some […]

Test Automation for Mobile

by Ewelina Matalowska   As with most development, developing mobile apps uses an agile way of working. Testing an app manually can be repetitive and time-consuming. In line with sprint based development, test automation for mobile has increased in popularity among app developers, speeding up […]

Procuring Software Testing Services on G-Cloud

by Matt Sayers e-testing were recently approved to supply 15 specialist software testing services on G-Cloud 8, the UK Government’s digital initiative to facilitate procurement by public sector organisations. This marks our fourth successive year in supplying software testing services to Government, via G-Cloud. Similarly, to […]

Our Partnership with Ranorex

We are pleased to announce that we have recently entered a partnership with leading test automation software company, Ranorex. As an accredited Ranorex partner with several trained consultants, we are now in an even stronger position to effectively support our clients with their automation projects.  Ranorex […]

What’s New in Apache JMeter 3.0?

By Swapna Komatineni JMeter is a highly capable tool that we are utilising with a range of different clients. The latest version 3.0 was recently released with substantial upgrades and added functionality. In this article we explain the new features, as-well-as some of the benefits […]

Foxes in the Henhouse: Testing by Programmers

by Don Mills Breaking the Software In a previous blog, I wrote about my “Stand Up for Tester Pride” campaign.One aim of that campaign (otherwise conducted via my training courses) is to squash the idea that the tester’s job is to “break the software”. As […]

Ten Attributes of a Testable Requirement

by Don Mills There are five fundamental activities in any project intended to create and deliver some kind of product.  They might have different names in different contexts, and might occur in slightly different orders, but the five activities are Planning, Requirements definition, Design, Construction, Coding, […]


by Howard Osborne In this deep dive we are going to look at E-Tags and how they optimise application performance. To do this we are going to take look at the etesting shop. Open you browser and navigate to Well that looks nice – […]


by Howard Osborne In this deep dive we are going to look at how browsers play their part in optimising application performance. We are going to use the etesting shop at: When we ask for the homepage, our browser actually asked for 24 components (when you […]

How Much Regression Testing is Enough?

by Don Mills The question in the title is more commonly asked about testing in general, not just regression testing.  Every tester who’s completed ISTQB Foundation-level training knows that the answer is, “It all depends …”; and if you’ve been trained since about 2010, you’ll […]


By Howard Osborne In this deep dive, we are going to take a closer look at compression. Why? Because enabling or disabling compression is a matter of judgement. Get it right and you have a performance edge over your slower competitors, get it wrong and […]

How to Achieve Requirement Testability

By Steve Helsby What do we mean by Testability? A quick look at the international standard IEEE 1233-1998 tells me “testability” is the “degree to which a requirement is stated in terms that permit establishment of test criteria and performance of tests to determine whether […]

Tips for Agile Reviews

by Don Mills   In an earlier paper on “Reviews In Agile Projects”, I made a case for conducting requirements reviews in Agile, even if you are so Agile that there is no documentation at all to review (except code), and I offered some practical […]


By Howard Osborne In this deep dive, we are going to be looking at what minifying is, then why and when we should do it. JavaScript has become the de facto client-side language for browsers and this popularity is in large part due to it […]

Reviews in Agile Projects

By Don Mills In ISTQB’s Advanced Test Manager Syllabus, the Introduction to Chapter 3, “Reviews”, contains the following bold statement: When done properly, reviews are the single biggest, and most cost-effective, contributor to overall delivered quality. Speaking personally, I’ve been a long-time enthusiast for formal […]

Performance Testing and the Art of Clairvoyance

By Howard Osborne For any outsider, a visit to a software development house can feel like a trip to the funfair*. Games to try your luck at in the breakout areas, Nerf guns strewn across desks, sickly sweets and bright flashing USB-powered contraptions that should […]

Optimal Tester to Developer Ratios

By Steve Helsby The Challenge! The challenge on any software project is the need for quantifiable data on resources (how much, how many and how long) to be included in project plans in advance of the activities that utilise those resources. Unlike other industries such […]

Stand up For Tester Pride

by Don Mills Two things everyone knows about software testers: They need no technical skills or knowledge. Anyone can do the job. The job is to break the software. Next year I’ll be celebrating 25 years in professional testing, quite a milestone.  Those beliefs about […]

Is Outsourced Testing Still Working?

by Jonathan Binks Testing ten years ago used be quite different.  In the days of Waterfall and V-Model based projects, testing teams were only used at the end of projects to test functional (and non-functional) aspects of delivered products.  Of course, testing professionals and process […]

Should I Set-up a Testing Centre of Excellence?

by Jonathan Binks What is a TCoE? A TCoE is a team of testers within an organisation that operate to common standards, in line with the quality policy and test strategy of an organisation.  This allows a consistent approach to testing and the ability for an organisation […]

Will the Internet have Suffered Death from Errors by 2043?

By Howard Osborne The HTTPArchive provide an excellent resource for analysing trends. As well as being able to analyse individual sites, aggregate stats are gathered for the top 100, top 1000 and all sites as identified by Alexa. Here are the percentage of pages with […]

API Testing Explained

by Ewelina Matalowska Definition of API API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs are the building blocks of applications and allow data to be exchanged independently of one another in composite applications and service oriented architectures (SOA).  The API layer provides a range of services and […]

Behaviour Driven Development: Working with data

By Howard Osborne In this article, we are going to walk through one of the challenges facing adopters of behaviour driven development: how to manage data used in scenarios. If you are new to the subject, you might wish to read some earlier articles on BDD […]

e-testing Feature on G-Cloud 6 Framework

By Matt Sayers The G-Cloud framework is a relatively new concept designed to enable public sector buyers to procure commodity cloud services. Built on openness and transparency, G-Cloud aims to increase business and deliver savings to central government through the use of cloud computing, ahead of […]

Testing Misunderstanding with Behaviour Driven Development

By Howard Osborne For anyone struggling with using Behaviour Driven Development(BDD) tools for testing we would recommend reading Aslak Hellesøy’s article on the misuse of Cucumber. As he says: ‘I’m happy to have created such a popular tool, but saddened to see how it’s misused and misunderstood. ‘If you think Cucumber […]

Christmas Atop Kilimanjaro

The Help a Poor Child charity was founded in 1980 by e-testing’s CEO, Derrick Pereira and e-testing has been proud associates for over 15 years. HAPC’s work supports children who are deprived to an unimaginable degree, those with no education, food, shelter, family and endemic […]

Black Friday – planning for perfect storms

By Howard Osborne If you fancied picking up a deal or two on Black Friday but couldn’t face the frenzy on the high street, you will have seen that some on-line retailers are coping better than others. A visit to Tesco Direct may have left […]

Stand up to Cancer

On Tuesday 13th October e-testing staff were in attendance at Stand up to Cancer’s IT Services Channel Hop event, an evening of fun, music and fundraising. The night involved “Stars in Their Eyes” karaoke, comedians, and a very special ‘University Challenge’ quiz. The night was […]

Testing Challenges – Big Data and Mobile e-commerce

By Mahesh Manjunath In any major city, when you walk down the street during rush hour, you’ll be surrounded by a sea of people staring at, plugged into, and interacting with their smartphones. It’s remarkable just how popular these devices have become in such a […]

Advantages of Cloud Based Testing

Traditionally, software testing has often required costly infrastructure and dedicated information technology resources that were used occasionally. As business applications become more complex, support more users on a wider variety of devices, it is increasingly difficult to maintain effective in-house testing facilities.   Cloud-based testing […]

Software Testing Trends for 2014

The information technology sector is rapidly growing and changing.  Cloud computing has been more widely adopted, virtualisation is increasing and service oriented architecture (SOA) is becoming more common.   In this fast-paced and competitive field, developers are being pressed to cut operational costs; comply with […]

Heartbleed and the Testing of Open Source Software

In April, Heartbleed made worldwide headlines as it became apparent that up to 17 percent of secure web servers and trusted authorities on the Internet were vulnerable to a major security flaw. Heartbleed refers to a security bug in the OpenSSL cryptography library, which is […]

Automated Regression Testing

Automated regression testing is an effective and efficient method of quickly uncovering problems when making changes to existing software or systems. It can streamline the process of making configuration changes, developing patches and adding enhancements. The goal is to ensure that no new faults are […]

Extending HP UFT with Selenium Part 3

In the last article we looked at how to invoke the Selenium Server through HP UFT. Whilst this is all fine and well, there isn’t really much point unless we are using the features of UFT. In particular, object repositories. This article will show how […]

Extending HP UFT with Selenium Part 2

In the last article, we went through some of the reasons for considering integrating Selenium into HP UFT. This article will walk you through the process in more detail.   There is more than one approach to tackling the task. We could: 1. rebuild the Selenium .NET […]

Extending HP UFT with Selenium Part 1

Selenium or HP Unified Functional Testing? Which should you choose to automate your functional tests? The broad range of user-friendly features in UFT have made it an attractive choice for many but the limitations in cross-browser and platform support have been an issue. In this […]

IT Failures Likely to Continue at Big Companies

NatWest, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds and the Sabre reservation system used by more than 300 airlines have all experienced recent IT problems that interrupted access to essential functions. IT failures at big banks and other major online service providers are surprisingly common and […]

e-testing Social Event at Rocket, Bishopsgate – 11, June 2014

Last night e-testing welcomed a range of guests to join us for an evening of networking and drinks at Rocket Restaurant, Bishopsgate, London. The event was attended by a mixture of testing professionals from companies across the city, who came to mingle with our consultants […]

Using the WebP image format – When, if and how to migrate.

Google has released WebP, a new image format which can significantly reduce image sizes – around 30% over JPEG. Have a look at Google’s gallery to see the difference for yourself: Lean images should mean faster performance which could give your site that competitive advantage. How […]

Designing better performance into web applications

For a new software release, when should the performance testing take place? At the end? Performance testing is all too often assumed to mean load testing which can only really happen when the infrastructure and code is in place, so carrying out this activity at the end seems […]

Mobile App Security Problems Show the Need for App Testing Services

App testing services have become more essential than ever as hackers have increasingly begun targeting the market for mobile apps. Today, many people use smartphones and tablets to accomplish everyday tasks from keeping track of their finances to shopping to keeping in contact with companies […]

What Does the Future of Software Testing Look Like?

Evolving technology requires cutting-edge software testing. As a software testing consultancy, e-testing remains on the pulse with the changing nature of the industry and can offer our clients a wide range of software testing services using the latest tools and methods.   Technology has become […]

Companies Undergoing a Major IT Transformation

The global consulting firm Protiviti recently examined IT priorities among companies worldwide. More than 1,100 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT professionals were asked about key issues and capabilities they consider as priorities in the upcoming year.  The results showed that IT leaders are shifting […]

Software Testing in an Era of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is no longer the realm of science fiction and it is no longer the purview of techies only.  Wearable technology is going mainstream, with smart watches, Google Glass and other eyewear devices, biometric and health tracking tools.   As CNET points out, many […]

How to Use Metrics and KPI’s to Assess the Net Value of Testing

Even as a growing number of organizations implement comprehensive (and costly!) testing methodologies, surprisingly few of them track their investments to determine how profitable their testing strategy is – or fails to be. There are lots of different metrics that can help, all of them […]

Automated Regression Testing & DevOps Go Hand in Hand

DevOps has been described as a “paradigm shift in the way technology companies look at the marriage between software development and the infrastructure that powers it.”  DevOps emerged as an offshoot of Agile development practices, which allow for quicker deployment of new software releases by […]

100,000 Hours of Software Testing Took Place before the Sochi Olympics

In today’s increasingly digital world, software testing has become more important than ever. When a major event depends upon digital technology, it is essential that everything works seamlessly. Software testing is a key part of ensuring that users or viewers get the experience they are […]

e-testing and KPMG

e-testing is proud to announce its acceptance on KPMG’s Preferred Suppliers List for the provision of permanent and contract Software Testing resources. We look forward, very much, to working with KPMG in delivering “best in class” resources to their software testing consultancy practice. KPMG is a […]

Agile Development and Testing Consultancy Services

Agile provides an innovative and alternative approach to traditional methods of software development that can lower costs, improve communication and decrease time to market. However, while agile has substantially altered the software design processes for many, agile teams must still follow good basic practices in […]

Benefits of Continuous Testing

Continuous testing has become increasingly popular in software development circles, and with good reason. Continuous testing and continuous integration go hand-in-hand, and can make it possible to develop code faster and more efficiently without compromising quality.   Continuous Integration Continuous integration (CI) provides processes that […]

HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP) is an object-based GUI testing tool that automates functional regression tests for software and websites on a range of browsers, including mobile devices. Automation using UFT (QTP) can improve the agility of your test […]

Selenium Testing

Developers of web applications understand the importance of regular testing.  It is an integral part of application development, so the process should be resilient and easily repeatable.  Automated testing with Selenium provides the right solution for many situations and environments. Selenium is an open source testing […]

Why Your Software Needs Unified Functional Testing

If effective software testing is a top priority, HP UFT could be the solution you are looking for.  Formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP), UFT, is one of the most popular automated testing tools, and is a powerhouse when it comes to effective automated testing […]

Top Failed Websites of 2013 Show Importance of Software Testing Services

The Internet today is mature technology. Companies are expected to release fully functional and intuitive websites that provide the features users have come to expect. Unfortunately, even in this day-and-age, high-profile IT failures occur. These failures come with bad publicity and often come at a […]

App Testing Services Essential as Mobile App Use Surges

With the saturation of the mobile phone and tablet market, the mobile app market continues to grow and expand. Successful companies today have set their goals in the mobile app market beyond just user acquisition; instead aiming to connect with clients in new ways across […]

HELP A POOR CHILD – New Year’s Eve Charity Gala Ball

Back in December 2013, e-testing proudly took part in a fundraising event for HELP A POOR CHILD (HAPC) – a voluntary charitable organisation that provides assistance to children and families struggling with terrible poverty. The event, a New Year’s Eve Gala Ball held at the […]

e-testing awarded HM Government Procurement Service Framework Agreement

After several months of preparation, e-testing can announce that we have been awarded a Framework Agreement by the Government Procurement Service for 11 of our services. The Government last week announced that its ICT procurement service ‘G-Cloud’  had reached a milestone of over £50million in […]

Our Partnership with SOASTA for Cloud and Mobile Performance Testing

e-testing is delighted to announce a new partnership with SOASTA, a Gartner and IDC named worldwide leader in Cloud and Mobile testing. SOASTA deliver powerful Cloud testing applications for developers, QA professionals and IT operations teams. e-testing have utilised ‘SOASTA CloudTest’ on a number of projects at our client, Cancer Research […]

Our success at Mobile App Testing

At e-testing we pride ourselves on delivering quality mobile app testing. Indeed, according to the World Quality Report, only 31% of firms surveyed currently test mobile applications. At e-testing, we are experts in this arena and currently have a few ongoing projects where we are […]

Mike Chapman’s Appointment at e-testing

We are pleased to welcome Mike Chapman at e-testing as our new Business Development Manager. Mike has over 20 years in the IT Software & Services industry and brings this wealth of experience to e-testing, recognizing the immense opportunity of moving e-testing to the next […]

e-testing is now an Oracle Partner

This month, we are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Oracle, multinational computer technology corporation, which provides solutions of high quality testing to ensure the success of any application deployment. As a newcomer on the software testing market, Oracle develops the AQM toolset that […]

e-testing working on Cancer Research’s RACE FOR LIFE project

e-testing is now working on a new testing project of Cancer Research UK’s “Race for Life” new app. The testing of the app is run from our Borehamwood offices, where we have our test lab. Cancer Research UK’s “Race for Life” is a series of […]

e-testing partners with ReQtest

We are pleased to announce our recent partnership with ReQtest, a Swedish Test Management company of 100 employees, based in Stockholm. ReQtest has been delivered as a cloud service since 2003 and develops the test management product used for requirements management, test case management and […]

e-testing wins tender with renowned charity – Cancer Research

e-testing is pleased to announce that we have won the tender to work with Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading charity dedicated to research into cancers and Europe’s leader in developing novel anti-cancer treatments. Cancer Research UK has an active technology function – numbering some […]

e-testing is now a COMMISSUM Partner

e-testing is pleased to announce it has recently partnered with COMMISSUM, which specialises in the provision of world-class information security services. As a specialist software testing company, e-testing appreciates this highly skilled discipline in a testing life cycle as well as the expert knowledge required […]

e-testing first to gain HP Preferred Partner status

e-testing, who have been a partner of HP Software since 2002, are pleased to announce the acceptance into HP’s most recognized Partner One Program. HP is one of the leading suppliers of automated test tools to the industry. Thanks to a wide range of services, […]

e-testing wins tender to work with Met Police

We are pleased to announce that e-testing won the tender for a new challenging SAP consultancy project with the Metropolitan Police. We are waiting for further information about a start date and we are looking forward to start working on this exciting project.

e-testing re-accredited to the updated Foundation Certificate Syllabus (2010)

The Foundation Certificate in Software Testing course has been extensively rewritten and updated to give students a clear grounding in IT software testing, relevant to today’s industry. For either businesses or individuals, the benefits of this course will be far reaching for their IT systems, […]

Packaging QA

Application Packaging helps manage large numbers of software applications for desktops and servers effectively and reduces the total cost of ownership of applications for organisations, along with providing various other benefits, including application and operating system stability, self-repair and rollback features. It is a method […]

e-testing Accredited for the BCS Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing

As a part of e-testing’s ongoing commitment to training, we have been awarded certification from the British Computer Society to deliver the ISEB Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing. This certificate is the next step up from the popular Foundation Certificate and opens the way for […]

BCS Restructuring of Software Testing Qualifications

The BCS have announced that the Practitioner certificates in Testing – Test Management and Test Analysis will only be available until March 2011. ISEB Test Management Practitioner and ISEB Test Analysis Practitioner certification will continue to be industry recognised relevant qualifications and provide a valuable […]

Test Cases That Find Unique Bugs and Accelerate Time to Market

by Don Mills A correspondent asked, “Are any efficient test strategies (or) test case generation tools available for the generation of creative test cases that find UNIQUE bugs and accelerate time to market?” Here’s what I replied: I suppose it depends on what you mean […]

e-testing acquire Prometric Certification

In order to provide a better service to our customers, e-testing are now an accredited Thomson Prometric Centre, meaning that courses run from Borehamwood now offer delegates the opportunity to take exams online, including the ISEB / ISTQB Foundation course. For details, see the details […]

First Meeting of the Training Providers’ User Group

The first Training Providers’ User Group meeting group took place at the BCS’s London office on 19th February. The main focus of discussions between Training Providers and the BCS centred round the development of the new ISEB Practitioner Course. The syllabi for this course are […]

Training Providers’ User Group

A new user group has been established by course providers accredited by ISEB. This will allow providers to discuss any training related issues and enable queries to be presented to the BCS in a formalised way. The first meeting will take place on 19th February […]

ISEB Skills in Demand

According to recent research by IT Jobswatch, ISEB skills are in demand – there are more permanent jobs advertised than last year (up to 3684 ads from 2209). Average salaries have also increased 11.5% from the same period last year. The average minimum salary quoting […]

Launch of Introduction to Testing Course Special Offer

In response to feedback from delegates that the updated ISTQB syllabus is a lot to absorb in three days, we’re offering a free introduction to testing training course for all those people who book on our ISEB/ISTQB course. This one day course is designed with […]

1000th Delegate Trained in ISEB / ISTQB Foundation Course

Congratulations to Peter Law, who was the 1000th person to be trained by e-testing in the ISEB Foundation course recently. Peter happily passed and was presented with an ipod nano by e-testing to celebrate. Well done Peter.

Having the Practitioner Certificate Improves Your Salary

What are the salary expectations for successful Practitioner Candidates – between £37,000 and £44,500 according to ITJobswatch. This is compared to £32K to £36K for candidates without the qualification. Does the Practitioner certificate increase your marketability – we think so. Book on one of our […]

ISO 9001 Re-Accreditation

e-testing have been re-accredited for the ISO 9001 standard by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance for the provision of testing related training and consultancy services. Derrick Pereira of e-testing said “The re-accreditation underlines our commitment to customer service, improving our processes and emphasises the quality at […]

ISEB / ISTQB Re-accreditation

e-testing have been successfully re-accredited by the ISEB board on the updated Foundation Certificate in Software Testing course, based on the ISTQB syllabus. This is an important step in the evolution of the foundation level course and brings the course up to date with current […]

Discounts Available on Software Testing Training Courses

e-testing are now offering discounts on all software testing training courses for multiple bookings. We are also offering discounted rates to clients who have trained with us previously and if you recommend us to a friend. For full details and terms and conditions, please contact […]

Software Testing Training Courses Delivered in Europe

e-testing’s schedule of training courses continues to expand not only throughout the UK but into Europe. e-testing has successfully delivered their ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and their User Acceptance Testing course in Guernsey, Belgium, Romania, India, Portugal, Bucharest and Switzerland. For further information […]

Introduction of Weekend ISEB Courses

Due to the popularity of the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software testing, e-testing are introducing weekend courses to their public schedule. This will not only increase the frequency of the ISEB Foundation course but will also allow greater flexibility for those who find it inconvenient […]

e-testing Move to New Premises

e-testing are pleased to announce that they have moved to newly refurbished offices in Borehamwood. Devonshire House on Manor Way provides a central location for delegates attending training courses and a contemporary office space for staff members. The building offers an excellent range of facilities […]