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Partnership with Ranorex

We are pleased to announce that we have recently entered a partnership with leading test automation software company, Ranorex. As an accredited Ranorex partner with several trained consultants, we are now in an even stronger position to effectively support our clients with their automation projects.

Ranorex is a software development company that provides innovative test automation software to thousands of companies in over 60 countries. Ranorex offers a well-suited solution for various projects, due to its simple recording functionalities for script-free programming, the use of RanoreXPath to address dynamic UI elements and an API for C# and VB.Net.

A single Ranorex license includes a comprehensive test automation solution for web, mobile and desktop testing. The test automation software can seamlessly be integrated into existing testing environments and adapted with standard programming languages. Making testing effortless – with Ranorex’s award-winning object recognition.

Like e-testing, Ranorex is dedicated to consistently improving the quality of IT systems and applications. Their products, led by Ranorex software automation framework, allows software testers and developers to test applications robustly from an end-user’s perspective. This gives great visibility on issues, while rendering them simpler to resolve. Additionally, Ranorex products are cost-effective when applied to most programming techniques and user languages. This often results in a good fit for business, regardless of development team size.

If you are currently considering the implementation of test automation, or already have a test automation solution at your organisation that you would like help with, we are able to provide independent advice on how to achieve the best results. Our Certified Ranorex Consultants are able to bring a wealth of experience of test automation projects, predominantly Agile based, with an emphasis on frameworks and continuous integration and deployment methods.

e-testing is a UK based provider of specialist software testing solutions that also include performance, web and mobile testing. We also provide a range of software testing training courses that are delivered on a public schedule, or privately by request.

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