Course Description

Performance Testing with JMeter

Performance Testing with JMeter

We provide custom training for clients wishing to implement open-source performance engineering solutions into project teams. This workshop-based training course is spread over two days, with hands-on elements to aid learning.

The training speed and format is flexible and will depend upon an assessment of the group’s current capabilities. Subsequent discussions will be tailored accordingly. There are however, key areas that will be covered during the sessions.

This course is customised to meet the needs of your team. Please contact us for pricing information.  

Our Performance Testing with JMeter course is available privately for businesses with 2 or more delegates. Please contact us to discuss scheduling.

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Course Objectives
Provide groups with core skills in performance testing and JMeter, giving them the confidence to plan and run tests themselves, on current and future projects.

Course Prerequisites
It will be necessary for students to have access to PC’s during the training. The following is a list of prerequisites that must be installed prior to the course:

  • Java
  • JMeter
  • JMeter Plugins (
  • Analysis Tool – Fiddler
  • Admin rights for the users of each machine

Key Points
The workshop will be split over two days, with the following topics to be addressed on each day.

Day 1

  • Introduction, explanation of the purpose of the training
  • Performance Testing Essentials
    – Testing concepts – simulation of real life load, scripting, injectors – on premise and cloud, parameterisation and correlation in scripts.
    – Types of test: normal, load, stress, spike, soak
    – Test planning – user journeys, scenarios and success criteria
    – Scripting and data
    – De-bugging
    – Test execution
  • Introduction to Jmeter
    – JMeter Overview and Architecture
    – Recording and Playing back JMeter scripts
    – The Threadgroup
    – JMeter Assertions
    – Controllers
  • Setting practical work: to plan a test and develop scripts against an application.

Day 2

  • Script review and evaluation against real application in JMeter
  • Running tests against a real application using JMeter
  • Ways to carry out monitoring and how to interpret results / write reports
  • Interpretation of logs / results
  • Test Reporting
  • Using JMeter in a Continuous Integration environment

During the two days, the pace of the workshop will be dictated by how the group get on with the material and how well they pick up the information presented. There can be short break between day 1 and day 2 if so desired. This can allow delegates more time to record some initial scripts against the sample application.

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