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BDD - SpecFlow and WebDriver

Designed for beginners of BDD and SpecFlow, it takes the new-comer through all the basic techniques of writing Feature Files in Gherkin, to writing the associated Step Definitions and code in SpecFlow & WebDriver C#, to executing from the command line. Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated, and the delegates get to practice what they have learned in each chapter against a Web training application.

By the end of the course you should have a thorough understanding of how to develop well-written feature files and scenarios, how to manage step definitions and write associated methods, how to organise the SpecFlow project and how to integrate into the POM framework.

BDD - SpecFlow and WebDriver

£745 per delegate ex VAT

The course is run over 2 days and includes all course materials. Lunch and refreshments are provided for some onsite courses. Please check course details for further information.

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Who should attend

  • Newcomers to BDD and SpecFlow
  • Attendees should have a basic understanding of writing Selenium WebDriver Scripts (we use C# bindings)
  • Some programming experience would be advantageous - The course is based on using WebDriver with C# & NUnit

Exam Details

There is no exam as part of this course.


  • Understand the required Visual Studio Extensions and Libraries to use SpecFlow & WebDriver
  • Understand how to structure your automated SpecFlow project
  • Gain a full understanding of how to write good Gherkin and Step Definitions
  • Understand how to refactor and re-use common Methods for Steps

"The trainer had a polite and warm manner. He came across as very knowledgeable and answered all my questions".

Previous Delegate

Course Content & Agenda

Over two days, the following areas will be covered:

Introduction to BDD Artboard 1 copy 4

A background to BDD and its benefits

The process of BDD

An overview of the tools available, terminology

Introduction to Gherkin Artboard 1 copy 4

Feature Files

Introduction to the Gherkin language

Basic syntax

More Gherkin Artboard 1 copy 4

Using the Background fixture


Doc Strings

Examples and data tables

Using Tags to organise execution


Installation of the SpecFlow framework Artboard 1 copy 4

SpecFlow Visual Studio plugin

Installing the SpecFlow libraries

WebDriver and other dependent libraries

Creating a project structure

Creating a Feature File

Formatting and execution of Feature Files

Step Definitions & Code Binding Artboard 1 copy 4

Creating our test classes

Using prototype step definitions

Fixing errors for executing feature files

Creating step definition methods

Expanding methods with parameters

Deconstructing Step Definitions and Regular Expressions Artboard 1 copy 4

Step definition syntax

Using regular expressions

Using multiple annotations for one method

Re-using methods for more than one scenario

Handling Tables Artboard 1 copy 4

Scenario Outline

In-line Step Table Iterating

Executing the SpecFlow Features Artboard 1 copy 4

Using SpecFlow

Using tags

Results & reporting

Command line execution

SpecFlow fixtures for execution flow

Integrating SpecFlow into the POM Artboard 1 copy 4

Using SpecFlow & WebDriver under the Page Object Model

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